Tuesday, 1 November 2011

It's Tuesday But Feels Like Thursday

Morning Chickees!

The skies are beautiful and clear this morning and the temperature is below zero.  I've had to scrape the windshield quite a bit lately!

To all of my Blogger friends in Eastern Canada and the Eastern USA... What a wild snowstorm you had and the damage... wow!!  I've been watching everything transpire on the news the past few days and am not jealous of your weather at all!!  Hope everyone is safe and staying warm.

Well, I checked my lottery tickets this morning and the digital reader still says I'm a loser.  I had such high hopes that it was my time to win the 30 million but that never came to fruition.  One bright note is that it has gone up to 40 million for this Friday... 40 is better than 30 right??!!

If you have read my post from two weeks ago you'd have seen that we had sewage backup in the basement.. not once but twice in one week!  Things are half ripped out and I'll be working on the rest this week so that the drywallers and flooring people can come in next week all going well.  Can hardly wait to be finished!

Now a word of caution from first hand experience!!  We plugged in the battery for the big drill to charge.  That was fine except it was done in the basement.  I took the dogs outside and was bringing them in again when I smelled something awful!  (Why is it that I discover all of these terrible things when I'm bringing in the dogs??)  I went downstairs and couldn't smell anything until I headed into the laundry room.  Bam!  It hit me and I could hear sizzling and popping coming from the battery charger.  This thing looked and sounded like it was going to explode.  I ran upstairs and grabbed my Ov-Glove (love that thing) and grabbed the charger and battery and ran up the stairs to put it out in the yard.  That thing sputtered and spewed smoke and stink from the battery for a couple of hours.  If I hadn't of found it... I'm sure our house would have gone up in flames.  Moral of the story... only plug in the battery chargers when you are home and... only in a spot where you can access it quickly!

So, that's three things that have gone wrong lately.  Usually three is the magic number so that means that things can only get better!  Maybe I will win the lottery this Friday night after all!!

Have a wonderful day and I'll be back with a card post sometime later today.



THERESA said...

Thanks for the smile, lol, good story telling, maybe three will now be a good nr, good luck for friday, at least don't forget us.......hehehehe
lotsa luv

Pop, Paper, Scissors said...

Well it all made for some good stories. You handle everything with such a sense of humor. I hope your luck will change soon. I haven't won the lottery either. I'm told you have to buy a ticket.

Anonymous said...

Yikes!!! Glad you were home to get that moved outside quick and sorry about the other, that happened to my parents home when I was a kid, ewwww to say the least.

Maybe you'll hit that big lotto this weekend, I'm still waiting for my golden egg to hatch lol.

Hugs, Lori m

Gail said...

Jeepers Creepers!
Hope things get straightened out!
You won't win this Friday, cause it's got my name on it!
Ok, it's got MY numbers on it!

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Wow that is amazing Sheree have never heard of that - but must admit do only do battery charging when home anyway.
A bit like putting washing machine on and going too - and having place flood etc. Best leave till you are home safe and sound!
May God bless and keep you safe from any more dramas! Shaz in oz.x
PS my blog is one year old - happy birthday to blog, happy birthday to...etc.
:D anyway - just wanted to let you know there is a tiny weeny bit of juicy candy on offer as a huge thank YOU for all my tremendously wonderful Encouragers like you are!

Eileen said...

Cor Blimey ..... you were nearly 'hot stuff' then!
I had a washing machine catch fire when it went into 'wobble' mode and heated up with no water in it ... Like you, I smelt 'a funny' smell and apart from 'roasted clothes! No harm done. I never leave the house or SLEEP when Washing or dishwasher are on ...Glad you are safe and sound x