Saturday, 29 October 2011

New Use For Autumn Leaves

Good Morning Chickees!

I learned a new trick from my fab friend Victoria.  Should I be posting this.... who knows but, Victoria understands me!!  All of my friends in lower half of the world won't be able to try this for another 6 months when your leaves start falling.

If you are looking for a super simple way to make a fall card then try this!

Find some maple and oak trees and pick up the leaves.  I went with a Japanese Maple because the leaves are a lot smaller and turn a vibrant red.  Supposedly Oak leaves are the best so I'll go hunting later today or tomorrow.

The trick is to use a 'tight' sandwich with the CuttleBug to get the right effect.  I used the A and two B plates along with 5 layers of cardstock and the rubber mat.  The sandwich goes from the bottom up...
A, B, Cardstock, Leaves facing down, Cardstock, 3 more cardstock, Rubber mat, B Plate.

Here is what you'll end up with!!

These two first shots are of the bottom cardstock that shows the fronts of the leaves.  I'm not sure if you can see it but the paper is also embossed from the stem and ridges on the leaves.

This photo shows what the cardstock looks like from the back side of the leaf.  You see more ridges than actual leaves... kind of reminds me of a sand dollar.

I thought that these prints needed a simple layout because too many layers or embellishments would deter the eye from the embossed image.... What do you think??  Also, these cards will be part of the bundle going with my bundle for Children's Hospital in Vancouver!

Thanks for looking and I hope this gave you some ideas!  It would be fun to see how it worked with different species of tree leaves from around the world!

Have a wonderful weekend!

p.s.  I want to apologize to my followers!  Blogger allowed me to comment on everyone's blogs the other night but I haven't been able to since then.  Just want you to know I'm 'creeping' my way around!


Linda w said...

What a great effect, can't wait to give it a try. Love the cards. Hugs lin

THERESA said...

Totally stunning, love it, got some, just have to use it..........:))
lotsa luv

Eileen said...

Cor.... what a fabby Idea .... I'll be having a go at this! Luv E xx

Myrna said...

This would have been a great one for me when we were in B.C. and the leaves there were so gorgeous. Nothing spectacular like that here in Calgary. :(

Gail said...

OH wow!
Great idea, and I like how they turned out!

Victoria said...

Great cards Sheree! Glad I showed you the technique! ;)