Sunday, 1 April 2012

Craft A Scene - Silhouettes

Good Morning Chicks!

Well, it's the first Sunday in April and that means that it's a new challenge over at Craft A Scene!

The Design Team were given digi kits consisting of images from Caroline's Creative Stamps to come up with a silhouette card!  The card above is my creation and I'm really happy with it!  That fairy, along with the others in the digi package are so adorable!!  I love the fiery orange/yellow background and how you can do so much with all the digital elements!

Caroline has been designing stamps for over twenty years and has a wide range of designs.  These digital elements are sooo kewl to work with and I'm planning on heading back to pick up another couple of sets soon.  I couldn't believe how many individual pieces were included.  Loads of backgrounds and then a large assortment of different elements that you can layer to create an endless number of cards, scrapbooking pages or whatever you like!  This fairy set I chose will be fabulous for cards for BC Children's Hospital!

Now... How did I get the design I did?  I'm a real newbie when it comes to digital.  Caroline suggested that I download the CraftArtist Compact  program.  This is a neat free program that you can upgrade so it will do so much more.  For me... the Compact is just fine for now.

I started up the program and proceeded to try and figure it out.  There are many tutorial videos on the site but my speakers don't work because my 'Stamp Eater' thought they tasted great when she was a puppy.  This left me only one way to get'er done!  Yep.. fumbling along  on my own doing the trial and error thing.  After playing around for a couple of hours and a whole lot of frustration.... I thought I would try the copy and paste function that every computer has.  What a surprise!!  It worked!  Brilliant!!

Finally I was able to start applying the layers.  First problem... I didn't know how to undo what I had done so the first night I ended up with a card with everything in an oval pattern to fit the card size. looked kind of neat.  But, not at all what I was striving for!  Oh well... I printed off what I had done and found that only one or two of the colour cartridges on my computer were good so the whole thing printed in purple.  And once again.. it kind of looked neat!...But not the look I was after!  haha!  I did save it on the computer but the file is somewhere in the 'Abys'.  When I stumble upon it I will add the image here.

Life got in the way for a few days so I came home from work today and opened up the program and had my first design done within a matter of minutes!  Yay!  I'm not the dense turnip I thought I was and things are still able to stick in my brain!  This is going to be so easy now!  Woo Hoo!  Many would differ and state that I did fall off the turnip truck years ago.....

I will be adding the files I got from Caroline to different projects in hopes of creating something beautiful.  What I can hardly wait to try is using her background papers, circular paper images and others with Stampscapes stamps.  Hmmm... may be on to something here!

Well, I had better get crackin'!!  There's so much to do around the house on my only day off!  If you're still with me and want to hear about my funny and embarrassing day the other day... keep reading!

Have a wonderful work week!

p.s.  Sometimes I wonder if I have size 15 feet and a size 20 mouth!!  Or visa versa!

I went out to do the banking for the store on Wednesday which was fine. 

Before I tell you what happened next you need to know that fuel, or petrol, or gasoline, goes bad after 30 days.  The smell can be kind of 'off'.  When fuel is a LOT older than that... it smells horrid, rank, disgusting or putrid.. pick your adjective. We sell and repair machines that use fuel!

When I walked in the front door of the store I didn't bother to look around first and just blurted out... I smell bad gas!  As I looked up I noticed that right in front of me was a big burly logger bent over the parts counter going over his chainsaw with my daughter Erica. 

Awesome!!  The customer turns around and looks at me... I start to laugh hysterically with my face turning red and kept moving into the parts room.  Gawd!!  How could I be so dense??!!  Note to self.. look up before talking!!

It turns out that he has been in our shop before.  Whew!!  He has a dry sense of humour and with a plain face started giving me a bad time.  Great!  I'm okay.... but not for long!

He wasn't sure about what size bar to buy for his chainsaw so Erica grabbed a few from the wall and brought them over.  I was right by the saw so picked up one that was close to the size he was looking for.  Now it gets good....

As I held the bar up beside his smaller bar that was already on the saw... I fudged it into place and said.. .. Lord Have Mercy On ME...  There's your nuts...I've got your nuts.  I meant the bar nuts that hold the bars on to the chainsaw!  Erica started to laugh and then I realized what I had said.  Now I couldn't stop laughing and our customer didn't laugh and started making more comments to me before he cracked up too.  Oh my... I'm sure the guys will have a good chuckle over me in camp!

Thank goodness I'm getting older!!!  Not that my mouth and shoe size will decrease but that I'm approaching the age where I can get away with a whole lot more!  Whew!!  That along with senior's discount on Tuesdays... I'll have it made soon!


Gail said...

That is a pretty 'kewl' card!
ANd you're right, the kids will love it!
I kept reading, and I think you need more than 1 day off!!!
Have a great week!

Olga said...

I'm laughing so hard I can't see, that's funnier than some of the stuff on TV, love the card to~!

NancyD said...

Sheree, I agree with Gail, you need more than one day off and we need to get together and do some crafting. Your trial and error worked out because your image is great! NancyD

Myrna said...

This is truly a real neat card.]
Yep I think the girls are right. A nice long holiday before your busy season starts.
Although the disease of foot and mouth really never goes away. lol
(no matter how old you get lol)

Elaine said...

Sheree this is stunning , fabulous stamping and great techniques well done Hugs Elaine

Heidi said...

love your 'nuts' moment, and your card I adore. hugs heid x

Pop, Paper, Scissors said...

Beautiful card! Funny story.

Caroline Rawcliffe said...

Ah Sheree you've been on a digital adventure!!! The result is great...I have a box of Stampscape stamps somewhere....must dig them out.

Caroline Rawcliffe said...

Ah Sheree you've been on a digital adventure!!! The result is great...I have a box of Stampscape stamps somewhere....must dig them out.

stampinganja said...

Love your card, and thanks for making me laugh!

Victoria said...

A wonderful bright background... and a funny story!

Sally H said...

Gorgeous card, Sheree! Your story made me really laugh. It reminded me of a French class many many years ago, where the teacher asked 'What does Queen Marie like doing?' and I replied 'Holding Balls' you can imagine the response of the class of teenagers around me!