Saturday, 19 January 2013

For My Cricut Lover Buddies!

Good Afternoon Girlz!

I clicked on a visitor's blog that showed up on my stats, Trails of Paper
and while looking around at her beautiful work I spotted a button on her side bar for Cricuts.  So... I clicked on it and boy did I ever hit the jackpot!!!

My Cut Search has lists of carts but here is the kicker!  On the home page you can type a word into the search box and it will tell you which carts have characters or images of what you need.  Then, you can pick from the list of photos for the one you want and so on.

I don't know how many times I have sat down thumbing through all of the cart books to find an image that I want.  A lot of them are not put on the back of the box so you have to find them by trial and error and... try to remember where you found it the next time around.

Head on over and have a look!  I love saving time because I just don't have much of it to spare and finding this site made my day!



Myrna said...

I am on my way over there today.
I have been cleaning the craft cave and man what a job. I see things that I want to repeat but have no idea where they came from. Svgs that I thought were on carts are from blogging sites and so on. Am trying to get myself a routine of writing down where they came from. I have been ruthless with throwing out a lot of practice cuts and cardstock, etc.. Beginning to feel a lot better about my CC now. :)
Maybe even feeling like creating soon, very soon. Have a P.O.T.D. to finish and then on to some new stuff.
My daughter has asked me to do her wedding invitations. I am excited. No date set yet so that is a good thing (maybe).

Myrna said...


Just had to come back and say thank you, thank you. I quickly went over to the site and in seconds found a cart that I had a cut on my desk from but had no idea where it came from. Now I can use the cart today. Yaaaay Sheree.

Shawn Mosch said...

Thank you for sharing our site with all of your crafty friends!

Shawn ~
Crafty Chics Blog
and ~ Find your Cricut images FAST!
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