Sunday, 25 September 2011

Another Call For Cards!!

Good Evening My Wonderful Blogland Friends!!

My friend, and follower Nancy, left a link when she posted a comment today.  I went to the address and found another need for cards!  The blog is called Send A Smile 4 Kids Challenge Blog and sends cards to Childrens Hospitals for patients, staff and others.  There are challenges there as well and wow!  Some of the cards for kids are incredible!
******  Please check the 'Guidlines for Donated Cards' Tab at the top for what type of cards are needed before sending yours off for the kids! ******

There is a post on the blog about Debby, one of the Design Team.  She was in an accident and had head trauma.  Here is her story and address........

About a month ago, one of our SAS4Kids team members, Debby Walker, was in an accident and sustained severe head trauma. After she came out of her coma she has had amnesia. She is slowly remembering things including how much she loves stamping and being on her design teams. She is having motor skill issues as well and has started physical therapy.

Let’s shower her with thoughts and prayers and cards and let her know all of us are wishing her well. Here is her address:

Debby Walker

1805 Brownstone Blvd #301

Toledo OH 43614

I know stampers and crafters are giving and loving people and I hope you can take the time to send up some positive thoughts and then send Debby a card- just say you are an on line friend from Send a Smile 4 Kids.

Stamping smiles for Debby, Karen

*  *  * 

Here is a Canadian twist!!  As you will see at the top of my blog, there is a Send A Smile 4 Kids here in the north as well.  It sounds like they send cards to Vancouvers Childrens Hospital but who knows what could happen!  There are 6 followers now, including me, and I am challenging my followers to check this blog out and see about helping as well!  We all have kids, and some of us grandchildren so... How about it!!

It is late and I must get my beauty sleep....I sure do need one today... so I will catch you all tomorrow!

Bless you all... You have no idea how much your cards affected Ethyl!

Great Big Hugs...



NancyD said...

Sheree, you are soooo wonderful!

THERESA said...

You are one super caring friend to all, Bless You!!!
Will send a card to Debbie, have send to Send A Smile 4 Kids, will join you on the other side too.......:))
Lotsa luv and never stop caring

Gail said...

Alrighty.....Left a message at A Smile 4 Kids. Still trying to follow!
I'll send Debby a card too, might be later this week, but will get one in the mail!
Gawd, you're so demanding sometimes!
JK! Keeps us out of trouble!

Dawnll - Dawn's Craft Place said...

Well of corse I will send a card- that is why I create them. Thanks for sharing- Theresa sent me.

THERESA said...

Ok, have to laugh at this, blogger gets to you, ha and my server gets to me, lol, recieve mails, but battle to send, so have to resort to commenting here, thanks for the comment, but to work now ya hear..........hehehhe
lotsa luv

Anonymous said...

I'm going to send off a card too, how tragic and will keep Debby in our prayers.

Hugs, Lori m

Karen Hasheck said...

Thank you so much for your awesome post about SAS4Kids in Canada now and in the US and about our team mate Debby. That is so kind of you to let others know how to help Debby and our kids. Come join our challenge too sometime. And thanks too for the blog badges you put on.

Karen SAS4Kids

Shelley SAS4Kids (Canada) said...

Sheree, thank you so much for blogging about SAS4Kids (Canada) and for your kind comment on the blog. Your support is so appreciated! With wonderful people like you involved, we'll be putting smiles on the faces of lots of kids!
Smiles, Shelley