Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Stampscapes - My First Winter Scene

Good Morning!
I played in my cave for a while last night.  You know when you get an idea in your head and it keeps banging to get let out??  Okay... maybe you don't have anyone banging around in your head lol!  I do...
I had an idea for a winter scene and went to work, trying to bring it to life.  Originally the sky was quite dark, like it does when a blizzard is rolling in.  They lightened up overnight to a colour I'm happy with.
The top scene is the first one of two I did.  I always tell people to do at least two scenes at a time so you can try something different with one or, in case one doesn't turn out!  The latter is what happened with the one above.  I goofed on the forground and snow shading.  The layout is a tad different and the sky is different as well.

One thing I tried that is new to me is.. Double dipping.  I thought of it so I'm naming it!  Have a feeling it's called something else on the net.  If you look closely at the trees and fence posts you will see that the image is stamped in the usual black ink but I then double dipped by adding other colours to the stamp.   The tree tops are double dipped and the fence posts as well.  It shows a lot better in the picture above.
This second scene is the one I like.  Only two goofs that will be easy to hide haha!  The stamps I used were masked off with ripped pieces of painter's tape.  You can't see all of the grass when it snows and the trees are from a water scene stamp!  The sky is quite uniformed in colour.  I see the dining room light has caught the top edge of the photo.
I'll probably mount the scenes tonight.  Have to pick papers that will make them pop!

7 p.m. - Finally Mounted - #1
This photo shows 'auto colour' on my Picassa software... Makes the snow stand out!
Finally Mounted #2
This is using no colour enhancement... Looks colder with snow on the horizon this way.
The recipe is as follows:
Stamps - All from Stampscapes
008A  Buck
207E  Pine Island
192B  Bush
293C  Old Fence
289D  Fence
Inks used
Adirondack Dye Ink Pads - Aqua, Latte, Archival Black
Memento Dye Ink Pads - Summer Sky, London Fog, Bamboo Leaves
Paper - Glossy, Unknown for mounting
Tools - Colorbox Stylus, White paint pen, MS Snowflake punch


Victoria said...

Beautiful job Sheree! I have NO idea how you did the scene but you did a great job! LOL

NancyD said...

Wow! Sheree these look like photographs. Well done!

I can't wait to receive mine in the mail next week and get started. I may have to email you for a list of other supplies I might need.

Myrna said...

You did a fabulous job on both these. Loving both of them. Such talent!!!!

Gail said...

I like them both!
I don't see any goofs, you're probably the only one that notices!

Sandy said...

Both cards are fabulous, I admire you for being able to create such intricate scenes.

Pop, Paper, Scissors said...

These are beautiful as always. You can tell this is how you love to create. Your scenes are all just wonderful.

Merry said...

Such beautiful work....I them all. You are so clever creating these scenes.

Janelli said...

Love this scene---love the brown grasses peaking out of the snow. Great job!