Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Do Bears Really Hibernate??!!

Good Evening Chicks!
Do Bears Really Hibernate?  Well... they don't in ShereeLand!  haha!  I was putting this scene together last night and the hours were ticking by...you know that time of night when you think things are going together but in reality... Not!!
I had another vision in my head, knocking around, trying to get out.  When this happens I go on autopilot and head to my special rubber room (rubber stamps silly!!!) and put everyone in the house on 'ignore' for a while.  All of the voices nattering really doesn't get the mojo flowing!
After trying a few different scenes the past week, I wondered what it would look like if the mountains were stamped first and the sky done afterwards so it looked like things were fading into the background.  By golly... my idea worked!  The mountains were stamped in black after blotting them on paper towel twice first.  Turned out not too shabby.  The next step was to create my 'secret' sky that Victoria has no idea how I do it.  If I'm in a nice, generous mood one day.. I may share my secrets with her so she can put it into one of her classes.  I just can't get too carried away with being nice 'cuz it could ruin my reputaion!!  Victoria's so talented that I think it's only fair that I have the 'one up' on her for a while haha!
Next came the trees and fence doing my 'double dipping' technique that popped into my head but there's probably more than 11 million people already doing it in the world.  I like to feel special.
The weed tops were added in the foreground to make it look like there's more than 1 cm of the white stuff.
Time to colour!  Using the colorbox stylus and foam tips I sponged in grey and aqua to simulate the dips in the snow under the trees, along the fence posts and my sleepwalking bear.  These same colours can be used to simulate hills or valleys as well.
The final step was to add the snow on the trees, fence tops and my sleepwalking bear.  I thought I was really with it when I put snow on his long fur.  I think I got my animals mixed up and it should have been a goat.
The finishing touch is to spray the scene with Krylon Acrylic sealant and then mount in colours to make it pop.  I tried so many different colour combinations and like the one I used.
This photo has more highlights added from the Picassa program I use for editing.  This gives a totally different look to it!
The recipe is as follows:
Stamps:  Stampscapes
267E  Pines and Rocks
293C  Old Fence
I'll have to fill in the rest later... seems half of my stamp list is MIA!
Adirondack Aqua Dye Ink, Archival Black, Memento Bamboo, Adirondack Latte Dye Ink
There you have it!   Have a wonderful evening and I'll be back later to do some blog hopping!


NancyD said...

Oooohhh, Aaaaahhhh! Well we don't really know when the bears settle down for the winter. Maybe this is an early snow fall?

Wonderful project Sheree!

Victoria said...

Actually, around here some bears are not hibernating because there is more than enough food for them (sorry Victoria Nature girl just came out).
GREAT job Sheree! Love the scene! I need to play with my stamps more so I can get as good as you.

Sherri said...

I know why this little bear didn't hibernate. He didn't want to miss the glorious scene you created! This is a beautiful card!

Gail said...

Alrighty! I can only HOPE to make a card as great as yours!
What is the Krylon Acrylic you use?
Do you spray it in the house?
Am I gonna find that in the store with all the other spray paints?
And why do you spray them anyway?
OK...I'll quit!
Umm, great card!

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Hi there Sheree well really truly love this, and the laughs along the way! thanks for sharing Shaz.x

Merry said...

I so love your scenes and that bear looks perfectly at home amongst the snow and trees. So clever.

Karen Howard said...

Wow, this is really stunning!

jackid said...

This is beautiful as all your work is just popped over as I haven't heard from you in a while hope everything is ok with you and yours speak to you soon
Jacki xx

Lori m said...

I guess the reason they say practice makes perfect is because so far, nothing I've tried even comes close to how beautiful your scenes are.

I'm going to keep trying till I get something that looks OK.

Hugs, Lori m

Shazsilverwolf said...

This is a really beautiful scene you have put together- I shall have to have a go at a winter scene, I haven't tried that yet.

Sandra (Stamping For Pleasure) said...

I TOTALLY LOVE this card! Awesome! x