Saturday, 2 July 2011

Get Well Cards Needed!!!

Update!  August 7, 2011

Hi Everyone!

Well... it seems that I've received every card except one and I know that one is definitely on it's way!

Thanks to Brenda, I have some cutouts done with the Tim Holtz/Sizzix Birdcage Die!  If you head on over to her blog, this die is being offered as her birthday candy this month!  Two of the birds are stuck together as you can use more than one paper at a time with this die!
Thanks soooo much Brenda.. For your card and the addition of candy!!

There is a wonderful, generous woman named Regina who resides in the United States and is a friend of Brenda, who generously offerered to add to the candy! 
When I received her e-mail in the beginning, Regina mentioned that she'd like to send along some flowers to be included in the candy that I was offering.  I arrived home from work a few days ago and there was a good sized box on the porch.  Here I was thinking that an envelope would arrive along with her card with a few flowers in it.  When I opened the box.... This is what I saw!!!

I am still in shock!! 
There are jars of gorgeous flowers, nexted containers of gorgeous flowers, a huge pile of loose flowers on top and then a pile of stamps!!!  Wow!!  I e-mailed Regina and asked how she would like the candy distributed and she answered back... whichever way I like... So, this is what I'm going to do!
I'll be adding stamps and flowers to the original three candy prizes.  Then I'll add a bunch more flowers to the Tim Holtz cutouts along with a prize of stamps and flowers!!  How does that sound?
The winners names will be put on this post tomorrow... Monday, August 14th.  I will also be sending an e-mail to everyone who sent the cards as there are some non-bloggers that participated.
Good Luck Everyone!  I'll be announcing names late Monday evening!


I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!  Canada Day was on the 1st and Independence Day is on the 4th so both of us have long weekends.

Now... here's the reason I'm hoping Blogland can help me!

One of our customers at the shop is Ethyl Sanders.  She and her husband come over from Quadra Island to Campbell River for supplies and we work on their equipment. 
Approximately 1 year ago, if I remember right, Ethyl was in her kitchen cooking and tripped over one of their dogs.  Her head hit the woodstove and knocked her out so she didn't know one side of her face was being burned by the hot cast iron stove.  When she came to, she went to the mirror and was mortified to see that half of her face was severely burnt! 
Since the accident, Ethyl has endured four surgeries for grafting.  Skin was harvested from her head for one surgery, back for another, front for another, with these three surgeries each being rejected.   She is in the hospital right now going through hell with the fourth operation.
Being that she rejected the first three graftings for her lips, jaw, cheek and ear, the specialist in Vancouver decided to try another approach.  For the past few months Ethyl has had a balloon inserted into her neck to stretch the skin slowly.  Everything was looking fantastic and she once again went to Vancouver for facial reconstruction.  This fourth operation took place on June 24th.  The operation was a success until... somehow she came into contact with a virus floating around in the hospital and her new face became infected!  Since Saturday, June 25th, Ethyl has had to endure the surgeon pulling the skin away and scraping all the affected tissue three times, without any freezing.  I found this out when her husband came in on Friday the 1st of July.  His eyes were teared up as he explained everything to me.  He was heading home to find out the news of whether that day's operation was a success or not.  She had talked to him on the phone Thursday night and said that if they were going to do it again without putting her out she was going to get up and leave.
That is the horrible part of Ethyl's ordeal.  I met Ethyl when she came in one day and had a gorgeous silk scarf around her neck and tied in a bow.  It was obvious what the scarf was concealing.  Now, keep in mind that Ethyl must be in her mid to late 70's because they are great-grandparents!  I have never seen anyone look so regal and taking everything in stride!!  With her hair done and makeup on, donned in a suit and scarf she was absolutely gorgeous!  She is funny as heck and her eyes dance when she talks!  We talked for quite a while that day and she promised she would come show me the results after what was supposed to be the last operation.
Her husband and I spoke for quite a while on Friday.  It turns out that Ethyl is loved by everyone she touches!  Ethyls is not only gorgeous on the outside... but twice as gorgeous on the inside!
I am in possession of Ethyl's address on the island as I wanted to make a card to send over because I think of her so often!  While making the card tonight I thought... wouldn't it be wonderful if I could have cards sent from all over to let her know she is being thought of!  Which brings me to.....
If you would like to send a card you can e-mail me at sheree29 at telus dot net.  I will give you the address of our shop as I'm always there it seems!  All cards will be forwarded on to their Quadra Island address.  Everyone who sends a card will be entered to win some goodies!  I'm not able to give out huge candy right now but was thinking about some Stampscape stamps so you can try making scenes of your own.  What do you think? 
Because of our postal strike/lockout, Victoria at Crafty Capers in Nanaimo, won't have Stampscape stamps in for a few weeks.  I'll stamp the ones I'll put in a bundle so you can see what the candy will be once it comes in!

Here's my card for Ethyl!

Stamps used:
Stampendous - Agapanthus Cluster
Stampin' Up! - Greeting
Papers - Vellum, K & Company, Stampin' Up!
Ink - Brilliance White, Distress - Old Paper
Ranger Alcohol Inks used on vellum
Embossing powder - Burgandy and White opaque
Flowers - Home made using Nancy's tutorial here (Nancy's are waaay better!)
Diamond Stickles
Corner rounder punch
Pop dots!

Thanks for looking and I'm hoping everyone has a safe but wonderful long weekend!

I will be adding a photo of the candy I am putting together for the draw from names of card submitters Monday morning.  It has been hard choosing which Stampscape stamps to put together so... I have decided that I will put together TWO batches of candy!  If I win the lottery this coming week I will send a full set of Stampscapes to all that send Ethyl a card!
Update: July 10, 2011
Those e-mailing me, or messaging me by Wednesday, July 13th will be eligible for the prizes!  Sorry but, I have to do a cut-off date lol!  All cards sent will be taken over to Ethyl on Quadra Island once they are received. 
I tried to get an update by phone on Saturday but there was no answer.  I'm hoping that everything is going fine at the hospital in Vancouver (city of the 2010 Olympics).  As I find out information I will post it on the blog!  Thank you for all of the responses!!  I'm so excited to gather them all together and present them to Ethyl!

Here is the candy to be won... so far!!  There will be two winners drawn.....make that three!!

Oooops... Having a little glitch!  I will post the pics tomorrow morning on my work computer.  Blogger can act up at times for some reason no matter which browser you use....Dont forget to check back!

For the first prize the winner will receive:

             Stampscapes Nature Sheet #6

The second prize winner will receive:

Stampscapes Nature Sheet #8
There is a possibility that I'll be adding to these prizes.  I'll have to see what Victoria has in stock at Crafty Capers in Nanaimo!

The third prize winner will receive:
Third prize is a set of two stamps... two of my favourites... Lakeside cove and Pines and Rocks.  Just these two stamps create beautiful scenes for those hard to do 'Guy Cards'!!

Nancy is adding some cash  to the loot so will pick out something for prize number 4!  Thank you to my wonderful friend Nancy!

Gina is sending along some flowers to add to the loot as well!    Thank you sooo much Gina!!

Good Luck Everyone!  I haven't had many replies sooo.. your chances are pretty darned good of winning!

Here are links to cards being sent!

Sherri  -  This card is gorgeous and a lot of love and talent has gone into it!  Check out her other work as well!  Thanks so much Sherri!

Shaz - You've never seen calligraphy like this before!  It's incorporated into her stunning cards.  This link shows the lily card she is sending.  Thanks Shaz!!

Nancy - You should see the card Nancy has made!  The colours are so pretty and I love the layout, the beautiful sentiment and all of the embellishments!  Nancy has beautiful cards for you to check out!

Angela - I've gotten to know Angela through The Outlawz!  She is on the design team there but also has a fabulous blog to check out as well!  I just LOVE the butterfly on her card for Ethyl!

Brenda - Brenda has created a beautiful card for Ethyl!  I really love how she used the Tim Holtz die for the birdcage and bird!  I've followed Brenda for quite a while now and her designs never cease to amaze me!


Myrna said...

You are a wonderful person. Going to look through my cards and will send you one when you send me the address.
What a brave lady.

Sherri said...

We all think we have it bad & then we hear about someone who is so much worse off than we are. My heart just goes out to her & all that she must have gone thru so far. And you are such a sweetheart to do this for her. Send me your address & I will send you a card. (Not nearly as beautiful as yours, which is gorgeous!)

NancyD said...


So sorry to hear about your customer. What an ordeal! Thanks for the plug on my tutorial - that was very sweet. Thank you. I am going to send a card and I would like to kick in $10 towards your blog candy.

Sherri said...

I'm trying to send you an e-mail, but when I enter what you have given us it tells me that it is not a valid e-mail address?? If you can send me something to mine (found on my blog) I will have your correct address. You will love what I am trying to send you!

Merry said...

What a beautiful idea.....I love the card you have created for this amazing lady. What an ordeal she is having to go through.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! Thank you sooo much Nancy! You are sooo generous! Wow, I have the most wonderful friends!!

Sandi's Samples said...

Sheree I would love to send the lady a card so please send me her your address at the outlawz. Your card is beautiful as well.

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Hi there Sheree praying for dear Ethyl, how brave of here and how kind of you too. I have emailed you for address so if you dont get my email (it did not bounce back but never sure it has gone...) would you please email me? look on my blog you will find a link to email via my profile page...thanks heaps and God bless,
Shaz in oz.x

jackid said...

What a beautiful thought I'm in definately so will get a card done then email you by the way there is something on my blog for you
Jacki xx

Pop, Paper, Scissors said...

You have a good heart Sheree, and Ethyl sounds like a wonderful person. So do have a card for Ethyl.
Your card is spectacular. The colors are beautiful. I use Stampendous a lot so this really appeals to me.

Paula said...

Sheree, what a great idea to have everyone send a card to Ethyl. I emailed you for the address so that I can get one off in the mail. I will be praying for her and her husband.

ursula Uphof said...

You are somehting so good for this wonderful lady. I am emailing you for your address. Warm wishes from South Africa

Rhonda Miller said...

What a great opportunity to brighten somebody's day. I'll be getting a card ready for her.

Sam said...

I have come via Shaz's blog. You are a wonderful person even if you have brought tears to my eyes!! Give me a day or two and I will get a card ready though it will be a while from Wales, UK!! You can get my e-mail address from my bloggie.

Anonymous said...

Count me in, I'd love to send off a card, this is so thoughtful of you to do and I hope it puts a smile in Ethyl's face to help her with some of the pain she's going through.

Hugs, Lori m

Shell Shearer Swinscoe said...

I will send her a card hunnie! could you email me at
please with the address to send it to

you are doing a wonderful thing here hun
huge hugs shell xx

Brenda said...

Sherree, beautiful card. And you my dear are a beautiful person!!! I have sent you an email. Hugs~Bren

JoZart said...

I'd love to send a card to this brave lady. A shining example to us all! My email is
You are so kind to offer blog candy.... I'll add to that a small gift from England if you let me know a 2nd prize winner I'll mail it direct to them.
Love JoZarty x

Angela B. said...

Include me in! I would love to send a card as well!

Gina L said...

Count me in, too. I will go email you as soon as I am done writing this comment! Bren sent me here and I'd love to do a small something to help. Gina

THERESA said...

You are so sweet for doing this, love the card!!
Can you pretty please shoot me the address to:
tgerber at telkomsa dot net
Thanks so much, hugs to her and family, praying for strenth!!
Also here from Bren's blog, all the way from South Africa............:))
lotsa luv

Michele Oliver said...

Hi, what a great idea. I would love to send a card. If you email me the address I will pop one in the mail. My email is

Craftdee said...

I've popped over from Brens Blog. I live in W.Australia and had the privilege of meeting some of my MIL's friends from Vancouver earlier this year, as well my nephew was horrifically injured in an industrial accident four years ago and I still remember the debriding he went through - it's tough! I'd love to send a card to your customer, I think it's a lovely thing that you are doing. I will email you for an address, Dee

Victoria said...

Really great idea Sheree. I'll get those Stampscapes stamps here pronto!!

Roxann said...

Hi, Sheree! Where can I find this sweet lady's address? Your cards are simply amazing!

Ali said...

I've also come here from Shaz's blog and can't help but be touched by Ethyl's braveness and your empathy and support for her. I'd love to send a card so am sending you an email.


Karen Howard said...

What a great idea Sheree! I'm put a card in the mail today and mentioned it on my blog! Hugs, Karen

Gina L said...

LOL....I am glad you like it all and can use it for your RAK. It helped me, made room for the goodies I'll get on my next shopping trip!!! LOL.

How is Ethyl doing?

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