Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Challenge Cards!

Good Afternoon Chicks!

This is a quick post.  We had a terrible wind storm with winds between 130 and 140 km/hr winds which blew everything apart up here.  Our power went out at home on Monday at 7:30 a.m. and have since found out that it could be off until Thursday 11 p.m. or later.  My teeth are starting to chatter!  It snowed twice today along with hail at one point.  You can see your breath inside the house!
We have power right now at the shop so am quickly posting two cards.  The lighting is horrible here so my card photos aren't that great.  They needed to be quickly posted because I'm going through Blogger withdrawl!!
Card Number 1 is for the Outlawz Sunday CAS challenge with a floral theme.

Here's a closer view of the embossing.  Too bad you can't buy that embossing powder anymore!!

Here's card number 2.  I originally made it for the sketch challenge at the Outlawz last Wednesday.  Due to power outages from our storm I couldn't get it posted so will add it to the bunch and find another challenge to enter it in to!

I don't have a recipe to type out right now because... we've been without power for three days now.  Once I can find things again, I will add the recipe to this post!

Hope everyone is well and happily stamping!



Heidi said...

i adore sunflowers this card is beautiful, love the embossing, know what you mean about power outtage, we had the same a couple of years back and several days of at minus 20 was really invigorating with 4 kiddies between 5 and 10. lots of blankets and the wood burner on and all in one room. makes you realise what the basics are worth. hugs to you and yours hope your power is back on soon. heidi x

Victoria said...

Sorry to hear about the storms and power outage. Hope things get back to normal soon. I absolutely adore the gorgeous embossing on the first card. It keeps drawing me back to look at it again!

Merry said...

YOu are not having much fun with the weather...hope it improves for you. Great cards...really love the image on the first card.

Deanna said...

Sorry to hear about your power outage from that crazy weather. Keep Warm! Your cards are beautiful. The embossed card is simply stunning!

Myrna said...


Lovely cards.

Hope your power is soon on. I would be lost if that happened to us now.

Sherri said...

Beautiful cards, Sheree. I hope your power is back on & you are finally getting warmed up! We hit 81 degrees here yesterday & 79 today. Both days were records! You need to move to Iowa!!

NancyD said...

Wow! Still no power - awful! Mine went out around 8:30 am Monday and returned at 9:30 pm. That was bad enough but three days is way too much!!!!

Lovely cards anyway, my dear. Glad you at least have power at the shop. If you want a shower or to do some laundry just stop by and we will have coffee too!


Olga said...

glad you are safe.......what a fantastic image, these are gorgeous!!!

Gail said...

I've been thinking about you!
My boy was in Tofino Monday, and texted me about the 'crazy' weather!
Cards are gorgeous of course, first one so elegant, second is so colorful!

jackid said...

Hi Sheree this is beautiful as always hope you are well could you pop over to my blog there is something there for you
Jacki xx

Victoria said...

Great cards as usual, Sheree. Hope you are now toasty and warm!