Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Stampscapes - Winter Dusk

Evening Chicks!

I know.. you are wondering about what kind of goofy title name is that?  Well... dusk comes early in the North Country and this scene is my version of around 3:30 in the afternoon, just before the sun says goodnight until 8 a.m. the following day!  The tones are a bit darker than the previous ones I've been doing, but, snow seems to hold the daylight and even in the pitch black it never seems really dark.  Maybe it's the lights of the city that helps it out where I live!

And.. I know that most of the winter scenes are somewhat similar.  The reason for this is that a tree with leaves on it just isn't realistic in the middle of winter (In Canada that is!).  Some of the pine stamps have the trees looking too simetrical as well.  I am also playing with taping off some of the scene stamps so that the grasses don't show.  There are some prickly grass stamps I definitely will throw in there next time because they look really kewl with snow on them!

This scene uses only 4 different stamps.  The trees were all taped off at different heights with the shorter ones used as filler.  This also makes the tree spacing a little more random as well.  The grass was using one stamp but everything was taped off except for the tips.  Adding snow to the tips helps to disguise everything and makes things look different.
This scene incorporates the mountains stamp as well.  I stamped them using Memento London Fog so that they would appear to be further in the distance and look colder.
Once I finished tapping in the blues and greys for the snow I used my paint pen to add snow to the trees.  Very fine clear glitter was added here and there to show reflection of light off the snow.  TaDa!!

I added a bit more fill light to this photo in Picassa so that you would hopefully see more of the details.  Also, I saved this picture to a larger size so that if you click on the photo you will see that the added snow really isn't that hard to do!  Nothing is the same or even in nature.  Not one tree branch supports snow in the same way...so.. adding snow must be done randomly.  I use dashes and dots all over the place. 

This next photo shows where I put some of the glitter for highlights.

The recipe is....
188F  Rocky Peaks
192B  Bush Large
267E  Pines and Rocks
207E  Pine Island

Sentiment - Cornish Heritage Farms

Adirondack - Lemonade, Aqua
Memento - London Fog, Morning Sky, Bamboo
Distress - Gathered Twigs

Glossy Paper
Unknown and Recollections white and black
Paint Pen

Thanks for looking!



Myrna said...

This is so beautiful. Makes me feel like I am right there. Some of my happiest times were in winter in B.C.

Gail said...

Very pretty!

THERESA said...

WOW girl, this is absolutely stunning, you are super talented, adore this, really.........:))
lotsa luv from this side to that side of the globe

NancyD said...

Sheree, your scapes are amazing. They make me want to sit under one of those trees and watch it snow. Just wonderful. NancyD

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Ah, Sheree cannot imagine what it is to have dusk at 3.30pm we whinge when it is 5.10pm in winter or so!! funny isn't it? now it is 7.30pm or so!

ah, this is simply beautiful there Sheree (have finally done another post too) - and love the way you have done this one and all the playing and tweaking you did - great job, dear friend! love Shaz in oz.x

Merry said...

Hi Sheree...another beautiful card. I love how you put so much detail in your scenes and I love hearing how they come to be.

Anonymous said...

Oh Sheree, I could get lost for hours just staring at your landscapes. So detailed, so incredibly beautiful!

Here, I can't complain but yet, it seems funny to see bare trees and no snow on the ground. Again, this year its been a huge blessing the way my spine has been,easier to get around, but, all I want for Christmas is a little coating of white snow on the ground. :)

Till then, I'll just keep coming back here peeking at your cards!

Blessings, hugs, and Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Sherri said...

This is so beautiful! I can feel the cold from here! I don't know how you manage to create landscapes with stamps that look better than most of them that are painted! Great job!

Pop, Paper, Scissors said...

Gorgeous! Someday I will have to step out of my comfort zone and try some of the scapes that you do so wonderfully.

Anna-Karin said...

Gorgeous winter scene! The snow looks so great and the colours are awesome. London Fog is one of my favourites for winter stamping. Thank you for your comments on my blog!!

Karen Aicken said...

OMGoodness - these are simply stunning. Wow -- thanks so much for sharing!
I've loved poking around your blog and am now your newest follower!
Cheers, Karen

Angela B. said...

Congratulations! You are The Outlawz Greetings Challenge December winner!

mjbest said...

Love the card. Can certainly relate to early sunsets and late sunrises. Get them here in the northern prairie along with cold and snow.