Sunday, 29 May 2011

My Apologies To Everyone!

To all my Blogland friends......

I would like to apologize for not leaving comments on your blogs lately.  First off.. our shop is so busy right now that I dont have much spare time..maybe only a few minutes here and there.  Secondly, I know I am not the only one!  It seems that quite a few of us are having problems posting!  The comment fields dont accept our IDs and even though the comment field will take you to the blog sign in page you will go back and forth until you are blue in the face and give up!
Hopefully this problem will be fixed in the near future.  I do, however, get to visit most blogs that post every day.  You just dont know I am there!
Have a wonderful Sunday!


Myrna said...

Hi Sheree
Hope your Sunday is wonderful and that you are taking a much needed relaxing day.
Thanks for the great email.
I guess we are all experiencing the same problem with trying to comment.
At any rate, I am not anonymous as it says. lol

Pop, Paper, Scissors said...

Life just kind of takes over sometimes. I too have been extremely busy and only steal a few minutes here and there to look, but my 3 day weekend should help. Add that and the fact that the Blog Monster has been up to no good. Maybe he will be a little kinder in the future.

Victoria said...

Blogger has certainly been a pain lately that is for sure. Here's hoping you see this comment! :)

E.T said...

All the best for your shop!