Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Stampscapes - New Scenes With New Stamps

Good Afternoon Friends!!

Well, what a week!  One thing after another went wrong including.. I finished colouring one Stampscapes scene and picked up the ink pad to put away and it fell out of my hand, stamping green all over the sky!  I left it for a day and then added some branches to cover a few of the lines and inked over some.  I can still tell so.. I'll keep it to send to my brother!  haha!  He won't know the difference!  (I'm chuckling away here...can you tell?!)
The other things that went wrong were all in series.  First, a question!  How many of you have had a bird fly into your windshield or, had a rock chip?  Pick me!
I was driving down island to work on Thursday and got a rock chip from a large truck.  Okay, they can repair those now... no big deal.  Fifteen minutes later a huge black thing hit the windshield with a loud bang and then headed off to the side of the road.  I now think it was a large crow!  Now, if that isn't bad enough... 20 minutes later there was another thud!  I think that one was a starling or robin but it was still slightly dark at 6:15 a.m.  Yep... sure enough.. as soon as the sun came up over the horizon, I saw that my rock chip had now become a good sized crack which means the whole windshield needs replacing.  Enough of the gorey details and on to the cards!!  I just had to get my boo hoo story out!!

Card #1
There's quite a few new stamps used in this scene so... I'll list them all by code!
146F  Crooked Path
140E  Cabin
243A  Fir Row
245B  Black Oak
251C  Sedge Filler
229A  Doe
222F  Twisting Pine
240B  Maple Trio
266D  Tree Cluster Small
301A  Rocks and Grass
277F  Leafy Branch
067B  Reeds
302A  Gulls

The Adirondack Dye Ink pads used were:
Lemonade                                Meadow                                Willow
Aqua                                        Black                                    
Ranger Distress Ink pads:
Fired Brick                              Frayed Burlap                       Walnut Stain
Memento Dye Ink pads used:
Cantalope                                Cottage Ivy                           

Card #2  (This is the one I dropped the ink pad on!!)

If you look closely, you'll see the green stripes from the ink pad edges!  This photo looks a lot brighter than it actually is due to the glorious sunshine that was pouring through the sheers this morning!
If you've seen my other Stampscapes cards you'll be able to recognize the new stamps!  For some reason my 'colour mojo' wasn't working too well hense the bright autumn like colours.

Stamps used in this scene were:
301A  Rocks and Grass
266D  Tree Cluster Small
277F  Leafy Branch
279F  Pond
245B  Black Oak
251C  Sedge Filler
243A  Fir Row
240B  Maple Trio
Scene set #1 - Hill With Trees
Scene Set #1 - Rocks In Water

Adirondack Dye Ink Pads Used:
Willow                                     Lemonade                            Citrus
Aqua                                         Stonewashed                       Denim
Distress Inks Used:
Frayed Burlap                          Fired Brick                          Walnut Stain
Weathered Wood                     Crushed Olive
Memento Dye Ink Pads Used:
Cantalope                                Cottage Ivy                           London Fog

There you go!  Now you have to figure out where all of those were used!  Haha!
Actually... If anyone would like me to post step by step photos... Just ask!
Have a wonderful work week!

** One quick note!  I forgot to mention that I added Jelly Roll 'Star' pen accents here and there.  Brown (turned out glittery bronze) was used on tree trunks and branches.  Blue star is on the waters and then highlighted again with Sky star.  The white daisy dots are done with a Jelly Roll plain white pen and red leaves and flower dots were Jelly Roll Red star.


Sherri said...

Love your new stampscapes! They make me want to drive off to the nearest woods & find a cabin to camp in! Your poor windshield experience would be a rotten way to start the day. Luckily, it didn't break & cause you any harm!

jackid said...

Oh wow these are stunning wish I could do this but I wouldn't know where to start lol ooohhhh I'm green with envy I will say this once and once only but you put even Barbara Grey to shame and I thought she was good (still do) I'm dumbstruck so I will wait to see what masterpieces you give us next time bummer about the windscreen hope it's not to expensive I would have prob screamed and put my foot down and gone into a hedge or something lol glad you are ok though
Jacki xx

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous, you make all of these look so real and cozy places to live.

Victoria said...

Love both scenes. I'd be happy to live in either location even with the wacky colored sky (too many brownies perhaps????).

Pop, Paper, Scissors said...

Wait a minute 1 rock and 2 flying whatever? That doesn't happen. Well you are special, because just look at those gorgeous cards you made. These are just a little different than the others you've made. I love the colors.

Work said...

Goodness it is just take my heart away, My God aweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesome,stunning.

Roxann said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Had to say it three times!

Karen Howard said...

Wow, your landscrapes rock!!! No pun intended, seriously they are really amazing! Hugs, Karen

Jean said...

The good news was you hadn't repaired the windshield yet! My luck would be after it was repaired all that would happen... LOL I love these stampscapes. The brighter colored one really grabs your eye. Great job Sheree.

Work said...

My God dear, u r truly a artist, this is beyond the word "wow" what a thinking and what work, aweeeeeesome.

Anonymous said...

nice blog with great scenic art.

Terry "thegriz"