Thursday, 3 March 2011

Stampscapes - Dawn or Dusk??

Hi Everyone!
I'm home from a long work day down island. I left home at 5 a.m. travelling on ice (I have the right tires!) which turned into a mega-snowstorm around Courtenay! So... Mr. Snowplough happened to be going the same way I was so I tucked in behind him until it was clear enough to pass. Thank goodness I wasn't towing the trailer that I use to pick up and deliver equipment for the business... I was supposed to today but put it off for a week!
Okay.. enough of my whining! Hmm... not whining because I love driving in snow... more like overtired from having to concentrate harder than normal during the drive!
I started this Stampscape last night. Wasn't sure what I wanted to do so started playing with different ones. Those who know the stamp collection.... which one did I alter? It was the pines in the background. This stamp is actually from the lakeside cove and I taped off the rocks and put them in the horizon. Turned out not too bad.
I haven't gotten the new bunch of stamps yet so am kind of stuck in limbo with what I can create. Soon I'll have more stamp pad colours which will make it easier as well!
The inks I used today were: Adirondack - Pink Sherbet, Aqua, Lemonade and Stonewashed for the sky (I think it's my best sky yet). The trees and grasses were done with Willow and Meadow. I added black where needed for shading. Things kind of looked dark in the end so I put a good dose of Willow here and there to make it look like either morning or evening light on the grass.
The other dye inks used were: Memento - Potters Clay on the Cabin, Cantelope in the grass and a touch here and there on the cabin roof, Cottage Ivy on the fir trees and deciduous to darken. Distress Inks used were: Frayed Burlap on the cabin, path and tree trunks. The path still doesn't look right even after I added Potters Clay and a touch of Adirondack Black. Oh well... :o(
I've been wracking my little brain for ideas to embellish the Stampscapes. On my way home I remembered a video I found of Linda's (will put the link in here when I go back and find it) where you punch out paper and glue them together and layer until thick enough. I did this and then used the CuttleBug and woodgrain folder to add some texture. Once that was done Distress Frayed Burlap was rubbed on top and on the edges. They look much better here than in a picture.
So.... that's it for tonight! If you have any questions... let me know! Critique away!!! What are friends for?!
I may do a picture tutorial for the homemade glue dots and the buttons this weekend... if I find a spare minute!
Thanks for looking!
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Pop, Paper, Scissors said...

Amazed again. This is so pretty and inviting. I just want to step into the card and investigate that cabin. Great card!

Karen Howard said...

Beautiful! Wondering if the stampscapes work with Stampin' Up ink as well. Thought I'd ask before investing in more supplies. Thank you, Karen!

Trena in Naperville said...

This is beautiful!! You whole blog is!!

Take care and STAY POSITIVE!

Priyanka said...

Oh have to take a class from you how u did coloring on ur card,just aweeeesome.